Hello There! 

A warm Welcome to our Blog and this is is Ranjith Kumar, the hands behind the brand MoonWedlock. We are looking forward to sharing our thoughts and experiences we had with our customers throughout our journey. I believe the blog would a unique endeavor to our website, moving ahead of the usual galleries and introductions we come across in wedding company websites. This section would be exclusive and hope to fill in details you may not find elsewhere.

The blog would be scribbles of thoughts than serious write-ups for those who love to read and have time for the same (neither discouraging nor bragging high contents, I promise!). 

We aim to improve this blog to an active discussion forum with threads and topics on a regular basis.

We request our well wishers to suggest ideas, topics, contents that you would like to hear from us. Write to us and we are at present working on it. 


Ranjith Kumar

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