Wedding Photography – The Story Beyond a Few Clicks and a Short Video

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What do you see on the page of most wedding photography companies? A couple of well edited pics and a short video of 1-2 minutes or a highlights video of 5-8 minutes, right?

Here’s the thing, though:

A brand that showcases only the best of their work is not necessarily a company that takes care of their client.This small collection has enough memories to last you a lifetime – every tiny detail of your most special day in a few frames.

But that’s not really the whole story. Sure, photographers and videographers will try to capture your entire story in a short video. But what about their story?

The actual process behind Kerala wedding photography services and filming a wedding is not just a couple of pictures and a short video. There’s hard work involved. We have to plan the shoot down to the last detail and get it done perfectly, follow up and report on a real-time basis, and finally deliver everything on schedule.

For the best wedding photography team in Kerala, being there for the client is just as important as the final output itself.

Let’s take a quick look at the other side of every wedding shoot and what kind of interaction you can expect to have with us as your wedding photographers:


Communication isn’t essential only for your married life. You need excellent communication for your wedding shoot as well. This responsibility lies with the photography company.


Everything gets messed up if the agency does not communicate things properly. They need to provide someone who asks all the right questions and understands about every detail of your event. Of course, it is also the client’s responsibility to be open and accommodating.


This bond of communications won’t end when your event just finishes, it lasts until the final delivery from the photography company. At MoonWedlock, we assign a Relationship Manager to each client to handle all communications till the end. 

Event Calendars

The success or failure of any event depends entirely on how well things are planned out in advance. A wedding is no different. 


The timeline for the entire event must be asked and understood by the entire photography and editing team. Our company makes it a point to communicate this at least a week in advance to the event. Even after establishing a set timeline, we confirm the plans a couple of days prior to the event so that we can avoid any miscommunication.


Any decent wedding photography service in Kerala will intimate their clients about how much time is required for different events and packages. Bridal shoots, singles, family shoots, and couple shoots all take different time frames. All this is besides the event itself so that the client gets the most bang for their buck. 

Quick Response and Real Time Updates

The communications with Photography team begins from the time of event planning and ends a couple of weeks after the event. This relationship is what sustains the entire photoshoot and the final delivery.


Of course, as the client, you will have a lot of questions and most of them will be during the event.


So, the photography company has to provide someone who responds to all your queries, texts, and calls. This is one of the biggest responsibilities of a relationship manager. At MoonWedlock, we aim to make the entire process a hassle-free experience right up to the final delivery. 

The constant updates and follow ups on each part of our job makes sure that the client never feels as though our responsibilities towards them are over right after the event has ended. 

Follow Up Calls and Meetings

Everyone gets busy. 


We understand, we really do. Especially with an event like a wedding, there are so many things to do. 


So, it falls to the photography company to take care that everything happens right on schedule. This includes preparation, shooting, editing, and delivering the final cut of the entire wedding shoot.


This is a long-drawn and responsible task. Even after the event, the photography company has to keep following up with everything.


Let us give you a walkthrough on how we handle this process at MoonWedlock.


We send a low resolution layout of the album design, first cuts of the highlights video, and more. Once we have the feedback that we need from our clients, we send the final cuts by courier.


That’s not where things end, though. We then talk our clients through sorting the pictures and setting up the final album and ho to get everything organized like a storyboard.

Delivery and Handover

A professional photographer or a team of photographers who get totally busy and have no time for you right after the wedding event is done can be more than a hassle. 


Who do you call? What do you say? When are you getting the pictures that you paid for? You have a bunch of people who all want to see the wedding pics. Where are they?


At MoonWedlock, we strictly assure a time-bound delivery which is 30 days after you select all the pictures. We have a concrete deadline for all our jobs and we stick to it firmly. In the event that there is a delay, our Relationship Manager will get in touch with the client.


We like to set clear expectations and meet them and our delivery process is no different. After the handover, it’s all about helping you sort the photos and set up albums as necessary.

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Wedding photography is about a lot more than just the few snapshots that you see. As a wedding photography brand ourselves, we like to make it clear to all our clients that we are there for them – before, during, and after the event.


Do you have specific questions about our wedding packages? Drop a comment below or reach out to us. We will help you embark on your marital adventure!


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